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  1. err she's just in key largo atm, back next friday :)

  2. Wevs, I'm sure you're nice :)

  3. Ok :p


    Well, you talk to them if you like them :p

  4. Umm, well you could like, minimize them to the dock? That's basically the equivalent of the bottom bit on pc :) (I like, used to use pc :awesome:) - and you could use spaces as well, but I literally never use it :p


    Well if I'm having convos with heaps of people on facebook chat (which btw, is SO glitchy) I just pop into adium ;) Why don't you talk to your friends? :supersad:


    Oh, ok :)

  5. Oh the unibody white one? I know NO ONE who has that :p

    Fair doos

    Thing for downloading games ;) googlage!


    I use msn because I can use smileys and stuff :happy: Adium for like...facebook

    It's basically word, yeah :)

    Well, okay :p Transmission is made FOR mac though - it's nice and speedy :)


    Well, yell when you need anything :awesome:

  6. Oh, google chrome is fast but rapes your harddrive usage if you don't have much ram xD


    twhirl for twitter

    amsn for msn


    netnewswire for rss, or just use mail

    OM NOM NOM adium

    Neo office if you don't have iWork

    transmission for torrents


    and if you need anything for music creation just let me know! :awesome:

  7. OH! :awesome:

    olol I see you've message'd tegan and samuel too xD


    Which one? I have an oldy black one <33 still in good condish and does the job! :D x

  8. It's ok lol :) I was like, 'wtf, I thought he was a cool guy!' when I saw your vote :p

  9. Oh ok, except it was completely harsh but ok :erm:

  10. You don't like ginger hair?

  11. Early planning! K remember to remind me :LOL:

  12. :) Let me know if anything happens
  13. That's nice :happy:


    If it grows to bigger YMT meet then I'll probably come :)

  14. Oh ok :LOL:


    Surly you know someone better than me? :p Sort of depends who else is going

  15. One person? :supersad:


    Well I wouldn't travel half the world just for a meet matey :p And I don't know you that well, I'd meet up with people you talk to a lot x

  16. Of course I would say hi :p


    What do you mean? You coming over?

  17. Agreed. :noey:


    (We've all had totoro moments :chuckle:)

  18. :LOL: It's ok, I was such a noob back then it's not even funny. :facepalm:
  19. How come you used my full name made into one word earlier? :unsure:


    (Sorry, I just completely hate it when people do that :supersad: - sorry for sounding weird!)

  20. well just saying it'd be much more productive :awesome:


    i can't be bothered telling you but it is a bit shit :(

  21. it would be easier on msn or something :chuckle:


    :supersad: I can't bothered because i was told some very bad news this morning actually :phu:

  22. why is mrguy sending you so many messages :eek:


    that's not how it is :chuckle:

  23. Oh right was it india, I thought you asked about the art work :unsure:


    I can't really be bothered to get the india pics tbh :p

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