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  1. He probably is. Eventhough Stade France sold out for both nights with a capacity of 80k per night.
  2. Thanks a lot!!! I feel isolated not being a member of facebook
  3. These dwarfs are professional artists. I think they do not mind They have to make a living. It is however discriminating to make a difference between them and normal sized people. It wouldn not be in their favor to make this something immoral.
  4. Eine Freundin hat 2 tickets zuviel ersteigert. Schickt mir eine PM wenn ihr Interesse habt.
  5. I thought the vast number of Muse fans at Reading and Leeds was hardcore? Playing OoS must have been a good reason to go to the festivals. But then again, if they had performed it in another venue big enough to get a fair chance to attend it. Not like the RAH. I would have take a few days of and travelled to the UK for it
  6. @trinity3music I am sorry for your friend and everyone who worked at Activision. Don’t be bothered about the Radioheadfans. They don’t know better I don't know why they get so aggressive towards Muse. And what they say often proofs, they don't know much about Muse. TBH your article was a bit confusing to me. GH is dying. Is rockmusic dying? made me think you meant the popularity of GH is showing us how popular rockmusic is or visa versa.
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