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  2. I didn't get my code until 10:30, and by then everything was sold out. What the hell? I've been a member since '06. Grr, anyway... I'm gonna try on Friday, but to be honest since the last LA show I'm not too excited to see them live again.. At least it's a good excuse to stay in SF for the weekend.
  3. Demand our money back? Because he didn't add a few more sentences in between songs you want your money back? Are you there to see Muse perform, or did you want Matt to have a conversation with you? Clearly you had wrong expectations.
  4. Honestly I have to agree. I was extremely disappointed with the setlist (honestly what the hell was I expecting though?) and that stage, with the damn drapes everywhere was just... No. By far my least favorite muse concert. Now I'm debating whether I even wanna go to Vegas Reapers was fucking amazing though
  5. YES! I was wondering when they would announce a Vegas date
  6. I got absolutely nothing. I still can't get in. Got into the waiting room at 9:45 and at 10:05 it finally told me it was my turn in the virtual waiting room, and I got an error. I'm still trying to get ANY tickets and I'm getting " 502 bad gateway" This is so frustrating. Axs is a joke.
  7. Pretty much everytime they've played reapers the crowd is dead, the song is technically unreleased, so I get why it's mostly dead during that song... But the others.
  8. Ahhh, I was the girl that grabbed your hand and said "that was amazing" haha Seriously best night ever. Also sorry for going a little crazy and bumping into you a couple of times
  9. That gig was the most amazing, crazy, exhausting muse concert I've ever been too. The crowd (at least where I was, 2nd from barrier) was so insane. I was behind the girl that held up the hyper music sign, that he pointed to and asked "should we play that?" I went absolutely crazy. Holy shit. Ears are still ringing and voice is gone D:
  10. Yeah that's really sketchy. I don't think hard tickets are around yet.
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