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  2. OMG, 22! You're so lucky. But may I ask how you do it? Surely its a given you love to travel; as I do, although I have little $ to do so right now. I saw them twice here in NYC (Hammerstein in '06 and MSG this past Aug). Matt was full of smiles at the MSG show, which was epic for sure. I was hoping for a third around New Years, but alas it appears as if its not meant to be... I just got my schedule and I'm working overnight New Years anyway. If they schedule a gig now I'll die!
  3. I'm new here, and a fairly new Muse fan. (Since 2006) I just want to say that the camaraderie between the band and the fans, AND the fans and one another is truly awe inspiring. I was really touched after reading Gocanux's thread opener. Then reading Liron's previous post genuinely moved me. Its refreshing to see that the boys are such down to earth and caring individuals. These qualities are scarce these days, particularly regarding anyone with any degree of celebrity. Though I don't have a Muse story of my own, apart from attending the shows the last couple of years here in NYC, I love reading everyone else's. I did have an "almost Muse experience". A few year's back I used to hang out at a bar/club on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. Anyway, a good friend of mine tends bar there. He told me that Muse, and Matt in particular hung out there when they were in town. We were never there at the the same time and I wasn't really into them then. Anyway, talk about a missed opportunity!
  4. K-Rock here in NYC plays Starlight and KoC quite a bit. I thought I was tripping when I heard Unintended @ Starbucks on my block, though!
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