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  1. It was super! Sound could have been better. Butttt, epiccc! The crowd was awesome too! We were seated, but the seats were nearly unseated! Thanks all! Parking was great, just 5 euro's,and short walk, we were parked next to the stage trucks too. We live in Zeeland, we were home within 40 minutes. Super duperrrrrr 6 month countdown for Amsterdam
  2. Yesssssss! Got 2 tickets as well, standing, yihaaaaaaa
  3. Ik ga dus naar Antwerpen toe, lekker dichtbij (wonen in Zeeland). Zag al dat livenation eruit lag vanmorgen. De rechtstreekse link op muse.mu naar de belgische ticket ding lag er ook uit. Toen dus apart ingelogd op de ticketsite en hoppa, kon gelijk bestellen. Vanmiddag de definitieve boeking gekregen, geld is afgeschreven. Yesssss , zooooo blij :-) Zijn in Duitsland, Engeland, Nederland geweest, nu dus naar Belgie, ben benieuwd hoe de sfeer daar is :-) Overal was sfeer amazing, behalve Keulen, jeetje, dat was echt beetje "timide". Gaan nu wel zitten, vorige keren in golden circle gestaan, dus ben benieuwd :-)
  4. Really that much? Wowwwww, i really feel sorry for the people that didn't get the tickets:( but i am really happy that i got them. Last two times we were stood at front, now we're going to sit :-) Block 131 :-)
  5. Tried since Thursday...errors, errors, errors...tried all of the updates, downloads etc. But still.... "computer says NO"... really gutted you know... working on Thursday morning...really hope i can escape and order tickets.....
  6. Looooooooooooved it! We were at gate 11, did not get searched at all, and i think our gate was the first one to open, or because we didn't get searched it went faster LOL Stood front row on the right @ Chris... Had a superb time, some very rough, drunk guys behind us yegh, one's piercing ripped out of his face...bleeding :S) got a warning from security and then they moved on. Everyone around us where just going manic! Such great fun! They where superrrrrrrrrrbbbb! Editors where good too! Did anybody see Editors familiy going absolutely crazy during Muse? (They where on the balcony)That was so nice to see! All of a sudden a woman came from behind, pushed the boys away who stood next to me , god was she drunk, she got hold of my arm and never let go again, stroking and petting my arm, laughing, shouting, crying, emotional rollercoster i reckon. My hubby nearly fell on the floor laughing...Me and my drunk friend LOL She had fun, so did i , so couldn't be bothered pushing her off me LOL aaaawww bless her So many people pulled out of the audience, sick, fights etc...good to watch though We had the medical team kind of in front of us, anybody here stood next to me? On the way back we went passed this flat, greaat shouting from above, and superb reaction from the croud Thanks again Muse! Super again And crowd! Thank you too!! Loooooooooooooooooooved it!!!
  7. Wij zitten nu in Engeland en in spanning te wachten tot zaterdag in Manchester! Whohoeeeeeee, hoop zo dat we vooraan kunnen komen :)
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