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  1. $500 is pushing it for me. I'd probably cap at $300 per ticket. $500? Damn.
  2. Different situation for different folks. Being able to split the cost with a second helps too. Not going to happen. It would be way to involved and would be a huge mess. People get tickets but give them up when entering their CC info etc. It will be whoever gets them
  3. What is in Sherman Oaks? Flight is like $300 so you don't have to be rich, just dedicated!
  4. They could do this at the Greek. It didn't have to be the Mayan, The issue is that the fan service setlists literally never happen. Now they are and they do 2 shows in the US at tiny venues.
  5. I was joking OFC. I've seen invincible a few times. I was a bit let down to be honest. not because it was bad, but because I was expecting a lot more than I should have.
  6. USA SETLIST: 1) Guiding Light 2) Madness 3) Undisclosed Desires 4) Starlight 5) Invincible 6) Follow Me 7) The Second Law: Isolated System 8) Intro Encore: 9) A Soldier's Poem
  7. You show your ID and are given immediate access to the event. Not sure you can buy a ticket with this setup?
  8. That is putting it lightly. I would assume they won't release all tickets via presale? IMO they really should, keep it a closed sale. It will sell out.
  9. Good luck to all! 1,500 seating capacity. Here is hoping they play their small UK club sets they were playing! Could be the best show in LA since The Forum or The Wiltern!
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