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  1. Checking my ID was a smart move. You can never be sure when it comes to stranger danger.

  2. Do you have a lecturer called Ruth Heholt?

  3. Went to club i last night and now my coat has to be dry cleaned :erm:

  4. Biggin' up my ego? Yeah that works :cool:

  5. Well that sucks. Sparkly bits make everything 10x more interesting. Mate, the next time I'm out is Halloween, I'm jobless haha. Gonna dress up as Van Helsing. Keep creeps like you away

  6. I read Twilight ;) hahahaha

    Went to underground last night, it was quite nice really

  7. You're right, I haven't. Thats because you a vampire tho and dey all ded!

  8. Ok so next time I'll just see someone fainted on the ground and that's you :cool:


    Also. What is :F

  9. Ok well next time you have to spot me (I'll give you a clue: I have a slammin' bod)

  10. To be fair her first boyfriend was from World of Warcraft so she probably wouldn't have been in a position to judge haha! Woz it u doe? The real reason I didn't say anything was even though I was well staring right atcha you didn't seem to notice so I didn't want to seem like a crazy person.

  11. Yeah was gonna shout Josh but I didn't want my friend to lol at me for having interwebz friendz! Youwha? I just sat around babysitting last night. Was mint.

  12. Just saw you again! By the toilets near events square it woz defo u!

  13. I swear I just saw you by Harbour Lights like ten minutes ago NO JOKE SRSLY

  14. Soz, I 4got, dat is da trooft! But I'm aight, not a hy00ge amnt gwan awn in ma lyf





  15. Hmm... I've not received anything :erm:


    never mind

  16. I don't think you're a doofus only,

    Where did you email me at? :wtf:

  17. :ohmy:

    it was

    really really really cool though

    it had egyptians, babylonians AND GREEKS

    it also had CGI in it

    I can't wait for next week!

  18. I hope you're watching the story of maths on bbc 4


    its veerrrry interestingg ;)

  19. My mum said to tell you well done and to say that she'll pay you to tutor me.

    She was not joking.

  20. You're welcome, now, get off this unproductive board and become the next picasso ;)

  21. Just seen your stuff in the art thread and you are an absolutely phenomenal artist! I'm incredibly jealous :)

  22. Don't tell me you've not seen the Meaning of Life? :stunned:

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