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  1. Im liking the whole, Starlight, and invincible not making peoples massive list. Maybe a bit of Muse attention to this thread, could maybe send a hint somewhere?
  2. Sunburn, 436 plays. Hyper music, 397 plays. Nothing like constant muse shuffle/Repeat on a weekend
  3. Endlessly, After watching Glasto dvd. Fury, I never ever ever appreciated it. until i found the glasto dvd again, Watched it, and everytime that riff is played, i have the picture of matt playing the guitar, Wind blowing, with that awesome jacket on, looking so focused and sexed. Honestly guys, can i just say, sometimes, i get over playing my drumkit right, and then i just pop on Reading Festival, Or Pinkpop. And i just go, holy shit. I wanna do that, then i jump on my kit, and i go.... God damn, drums are awesome. I guess that counts
  4. HobeZ-OoS

    Doms Drums

    Ahhh, Taylor Hawkins is the king of 8th bass notes. He loves it, and its great for foo fighters. My advice is keep your back down, it might be a little hurty at the beggining, but majority of the time, it'll be good. By down, I dont mean flat, keep it like 2cm off the ground, but dont make it like Tyrannosauras feet, you can actually hurt yourself. Stretch, Here, i have a great song to practice that with. A aussie band called Divisions has a song called Witching hours, Its on their site, The chorus is the same format. Go to their myspace: http://www.myspace.com/divisionsmusic and listen to it. If you need the song add me on msn, and ill pass it along. Cheers.
  5. 235 Sunburn And coming close second. 230 House of the Rising Sun " Jimmy Kane
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