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  1. Janine happy b'day!! XD

  2. hi there. I never expect to meet an anime lover here :LOL: that's really cool. but for now I prefer Kuroshitsuji than hell girl :D

    you can say I'm [kinda] fine right now. I'll face a mid-semester test next week. my my :LOL: thanks anyway. what about you?

  3. waktu itumah lagi ngabisin pulsa lantaran bosen di jawa XD

  4. O rly? Well besides that I might not recognize what are they talk about bcoz of their accent :LOL: in here sometimes accent could make you laugh. Apparrently I speak with javanese accent :LOL: so I might looks very odd when I spoke :p

    Nowadays I got sore eyes. Kinda distracting actually :erm:

  5. whoa London XD I can't imagine how everybody speak with british accent in one place :LOL: I wish I could go abroad anywhere else :p

    what's wrong with your school life? well, hope you get well soon. spring is coming isn't it? :pimp:

  6. I guess it've been months ago since I was gone :LOL: some things just like blocked me to enter the 'active' zone. so when I just come here this forum is pretty dead :stunned: ahahaha I don't have any energy left to visit this at late night :LOL: I'm still fine under pressure of my school :p and how about you? :D

  7. but the time is reached my place :p I know it's too early. blame the timezone :LOL:

  8. no problem hun :p wel, I prefer to do the early one. but it'll be okay as long as you happy with it :LOL:

  9. Happy (late) b'day AM :D wish you all d'best xD *hugs*

    Cheers xD


    (sorry for the late congrats. You may punch me if you want :p) *runs*


  10. cheers for the add :D what's your name? I guess haven't meet you before :happy:

  11. thanks. you gave that greetings at 00.36 in my place :LOL: matt always looks cool :p

  12. no wories :D you gave that greeeting at 00.09 in my place. what a nice timing :LOL:

  13. nevermind :LOL: I gave that greeting 5 hours before new year in my place :LOL:

  14. I guess I gave that wish too early :LOL:

  15. welcome. it's 3 hours more :p

  16. happy new year :D

  17. happy new year :D

  18. happy new year :D

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