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    fan of matthew bellamy and muse!
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    drawing, listening musics, arts, photography, day dreaming, play guitar, read comic books
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    university student
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    alice nine, the gazette, miyavi, simple plan, girugamesh
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    beauty and the beast, edward scissorhands, mulan, school of rock, trainspotting, secret window, all of pirates of caribean movies
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    azumi, akihabara @ deep, bloody monday, fly me to polaris, gokusen 1-3, hanakimi, happy tree friends, honey and clover, hotaru no hikari, koizora
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    showbiz, origin of symmetry, absolution, black holes, and revelations
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    Muse live concert at Jakarta

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  1. Not much lol I was trying to play the new Muse stuff on the guitar. Guiding like is very fun and catchy to play :D what have you been learning?

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