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  1. Could you say a line or two from the song? The only songs I can remember off the top of my head that they played (in no order): Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Heads will roll The Bugles - Video Killed the Radio Star Kings of Leon - Use Somebody Something that sounded like Daft Punk.... Adam Freeland - We want your soul
  2. Speaking of not playing old songs; I almost died when they played the Agitated riff, and then realised it was JUST a riff and not the song :'( Um, am I just being forgetful or did Matt not play the solo to Hysteria? Or changed it or something?
  3. Did any of you hear during "Man with the Harmonica" (I think that's the name...? What Chris plays before Knights) the guy yelling out "IT'S KNIGHTS OF CYDONIA MOTHERFUCKERS!!!" Oh, and could anyone else smell pot a couple of times, or was it just my imagination? =/
  4. Hey, hears a crazy thought; If the gates are opening so much earlier could that mean that they'll be playing earlier and therefore able to play a longer set? :D:D:D:D [/clinging to hope]
  5. My Chemical Romance - Cancer. Written from the POV of a person surpisingly enough dying of cancer. Though if it's for kids, it may be a bit emotionally heavy.
  6. Spyke

    Back In Black

    Lead singer of Australian band Jet, Nic Cester,
  7. Linking would help But i'll guess MOTP outro was Maggie's Farm (Or did they stop playing that?)
  8. You said they're 2 years old, not exactly ancient, and it's already been established in the thread that they aren't dead, simply wired incorrectly, pay the guy at the shop the 5 pounds and spend your 119 on something worth it. Have you tried raising/lowering the pickups? How close/far away from the strings the pickups are affects the sound. I'm starting to think we're being trolled here. :/
  9. According to Mansons.co.uk it's 119 pounds for a single MBK 2 pick-up. Why don't you keep the ones you have now? You'll be paying somebody to wire it whether you buy the MBK 2 or keep your current ones, so might as well save the extra money.
  10. Spyke

    Wankdorf Jam

    "wanked-off Jam" herpy derpy And, bump, please tab it
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