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  1. How bizarre that everybody seems to be having so many problems. I quickly ordered mine during my lunch break today. Got confirmation straight away, and have already received my download link. Maybe you were all too eager haha
  2. mightydarknut

    Psycho UK Tour

    In that case, is there anyone with two spare tickets that would be happy for me and my stepson to join them? (Obviously, I'd pay you back for the tickets)
  3. mightydarknut

    Psycho UK Tour

    I had two tickets reserved for Newport, then time ran out because I couldn't remember my ticketmaster password and I lost them :-( Does anyone have two Newport tickets they'd be willing to sell to me? Actually, would that even work with the ticket buyers needing to present credit card and photo id? This sucks. Was trying to get them as a Birthday present for my stepson.
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