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  1. I haven't received the pre-sale code, anyone know how I get that please?
  2. No, the seating plan didn't mention any restricted views in the first pre-sale. The stage design is now the same as the one, for example, on the seating plan for Manchester but the one for the London Stadium hasn't been updated.
  3. Thanks. Looking forward to our first visit to Lisbon.
  4. Anyone know if the MEO arena is a no smoking venue? The venue's website doesn't make it very clear if it is.
  5. Gigsandtours have just refunded my original ticket purchase without any problem. Excellent customer service.
  6. I've asked Gigsandtours for a refund but expect them to refuse on the grounds that they've assigned seats to the same value.
  7. I've been checking TM frequently since the tickets first went on sale and phoned them on Friday afternoon to see if they had anything only a couple of hours before they released the extra ones. Cut-off for me will be Monday afternoon as I'm only an hour or so from Shepherds Bush and might risk a drive up there in the hope of some kind soul having a spare to sell.
  8. I've been moved from block F to block 24 but can't see how these seats can be as good as the ones I'd bought. I've e-mailed gigsandtours asking for a refund but expect to get the same reply as everyone else.
  9. Bonjour. We're staying in the centre of Montpellier for the gig; is there transport back after the show? Thanks.
  10. Also from Reading but doesn't look like I was lucky with tickets this time otherwise would have offered lift. Enjoy the gig.
  11. I'm also getting the same error message. Problem seems to be that the total value for the number of tickets selected is missing therefore unable to complete the transaction. I was applying for O2 gig but tried other venues and same error message everytime. Any suggestion who to contact please? Thanks.
  12. Muse haven't arranged to play anywhere else on the 27th so why not return to Barcelona and play at the original Pavello venue anyway? I suppose the problem would be that only the tickets originally sold for that venue would be valid and not the ones sold from 17th September onwards for Palau Saint Jordi.
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