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  1. Hi, I'm going to try for tickets for the Emirates tomorrow, but try as I might I can't find a seating plan for the gig. Does anyone know what the seating is like ? I'm disabled (although I can walk unaided) and not good with heights so would prefer the lower tiers. Any advice would be great. Daryl
  2. I'm in shock, I've just had an email from the boys manager apologising for the lack of disabled seating at the Barrowlands. The boys have sent their apologies, and sent their best wishes to me as I was in a lot of pain as I had to stand all the way through the gig.
  3. I didn't have to worry about queuing as I was disabled, and was told all I needed to do was tell them my name, and they let me straight in after they swiped my card. Do you have a friend who could help you keep your place in the queue for you ? while you nip off to try and meet them ?
  4. I think if you wait from 3.30/4pm onwards, you will have a good chance of catching them arrive to do their sound check. Good luck, I hope you get to meet them. I'm over the moon, I never expected it and after being a fan for many years. It made the gig even more special .
  5. I reckon they showed up after 5pm, although I get the impression they were running late as security looked stressed. I waited at the stage door with a small crowd, when they arrived they came in separate cars. Matt, Chris & Dom were happy to stop and sign things and get selfies with fans, they were really good. We were warned by their manager it was up to them if they wanted to or not just before they arrived .
  6. I hope you have a better experience than we did, last night. We arrived to find that the disabled platform had been commandeered by a camera rigged up to film the gig so our seats were on the floor. We couldn't see the stage or anyone on it because of the crowd in front of us, we had to move our seats to the very back, and stand for the entire night. Since I suffer from spinal arthritis & stroke pain I wasn't too happy as I was in a lot of pain throughout. Enjoy the gig on Thursday, they were fab !
  7. I arrived early to do a recce, as I've never been to the Barrowlands before. I got talking to a nice young lady, and decided to hang around for a while as they were due to arrive. After 3.5 hours, they finally arrived, and I met Matt, Chris, & Dom . Matt took my selfie with my phone , and got a pic with Chris too.:stongue he's lush up close. They signed an album cover for me too, which the young lady gave me since I didn't have anything with me. She was lovely, and it was really nice of her to do that.
  8. That was epic ! Brilliant gig, loved it. Made even more special as I met the boys beforehand .
  9. I'm just back from the Barrowlands 😃, and guess who I met there ? Matt, Dom & Chris ! Mega happy bunny !
  10.  I know I will 😃, just worried about my noise sensitivity getting too much.
  11.  Will do 😃, I'll be the nervous looking lady wearing a white t & leather jacket, lol.
  12. I'm not up to being down the front Im afraid Im disabled so I'll be sitting at the back. Excited, but dreading the noise volume as I have a noise sensitivity, but will have my earplugs with me . Enjoy ! I know I will.
  13. If you save the pic to your iPad or laptop you can put it on FB that way. Or selecting the copy link. Try that.
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