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  1. Yeah its certainly a bummer. I too thought this was a definate. Petition campaign like the Metallica tour? Might work lol COME ON MUSE! WE NEED THIS TOUR AND YOU HAVEN'T YET DONE THE "FULL NEW ZEALAND TOUR" (Auck/Well/Chch) Vector Arena, TSB Arena, and CBS Canterbury Arena await you...
  2. for the solo in hysteria: just a delay, 2 amps, and a digitech whammy is required: set up like following: plug guitar into input of whammy, dry out of whammy goes straight to amp 1, and the wet out goes into a delay with the output of the delay going to amp 2. set the whammy to +1 oct pitch bend and push the foot treadle toe down. listen to the album version or a live track to get the right delay time. when you play you get a slightly delayed repeat thats 1 octave higher.
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