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  1. Hi Annette,


    It's cool when someone you love or someone you know looks like a famous person. Or they resemble a famous person. I know this guy that I really like who I think looks a lot like Enrique Iglesias. Maybe others wouldn't think that he does but I know that he does.


    anyway, people are rude. They think they are being funny but they are not. Just ignore them. They are fools.


    have a great day! :)

  2. okay the whole point of the forumes is to pointlessly rant about crap, thats 1. two im not a kiwi i just live in new zealand. 3 the fact that he does look like him is estabished. and final 4 , quite frankly you people seem like real dicks. theres absolutely NO need to be rude or cruel or even post on here if you have nothing useful to say. Like i said i didnt find the look alike thread so i made one myself, which i dont need now because someone showed me a mattlookalike thread so Admin please feel free to delet this.
  3. okay i just posted this in a separate thread as didnt find this one, but then got redirected, so here, my husband looks like Matt. http://board.muse.mu/showthread.php?t=74203 moves the same, even teeth are the same.
  4. each to their own i guess, i think he is extremely attractive, very much to my taste. Thanks! thats what i was looking for haha
  5. okay i get it noone cares. i thought it was facinating.
  6. i didnt know where to write this but in sick of keeping it in, need to get it out somehow!!
  7. especially when matt was younger, my hubby is 23 now and he looks like matt when he was younger, if not the age difference i rekon theyd be identical. seriously sometimes it scares me, like, body shape, face everything bloody hell. everyone always says that , everyone notices. Sometimes i think maybe they related? i live in new zealand but my husbands father came from england im not sure exactly where, and he has family there etc. its so crazy! LOL, when we were at the concert we were right at the front, and people kept yelling, Look matt this guy is your twin! That was actually how i noticed muse first time, i thought oh this guy looks like Chris(my Hub) They even like, move the same and hold themselves the same.
  8. Maybe its stupid but somtimes i look at english guys and they all maybe slightly but remind me of bellamy, just the way they hold their mouthes,prolly coz of the way they talk and all that but man. I can like identify english people in the croud ,love english ppl =) :supertong:happy:
  9. OH my god im so stocked atm!!!!! my friend just talked to me on MSN and hes from other town where Muse played on Sunday and he sed he poped on Bellamy at the bar after the concert and he sed first thing i thought is you and he came up to bellamy and sed Hey my friend adores you ,and he sed whats your friends name and he sed Anna and Matt was like well lets take a picture for Anna!!! And they did! If not my ugly friends face ,THe picture would be perfect! lol Ahhh my god.. feels so good,he knows that i exsist! LOL
  10. Haha nah.actually i like bellamy coz of my bf =) xcept for my bf is def and cant play anything =)) so then i just fell in love with Matt's talants. i like Matt and think hes incredibly hot ,but i dont love him of course.. I do love my bf though =) My bf looks like Matt when Matt was young though more +) man those pix as tom cruise and stuff are so funny.. aah.. so good
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