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    Music, fishing, alpine skiing, reading, travelling (as I ever have any money to go anywhere...), festivals, hanging around with friends...etc
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    Deftones, The Raconteurs, Arctic Monkeys, Brendan Benson, Burning Brides, Sara, Rise Against, Blindside, System Of A Down, Anti-Flag, The Sounds, Life Of Agony, The White Stripes, Faith No More, Far, Alkaline Trio, We Are Scientists, Biffy Clyro, The Hives, White Lies, Incubus, Radiohead
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    Requiem For A Dream, Gangs Of New York, Human Traffic, Pineapple Express, LOTR, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2, Reservoir Dogs, Saw 1, Martyrs, Juno, Star Wars, Seven, American Beauty, Fight Club, The Silence Of The Lambs, The Shining, American History X...etc
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    Friends, Lost, The Simpsons, Scrubs, 3rd Rock From The Sun...Different kind of documents.
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    Stephen King`s books, Dean Koontz`s books, some books of finnish writers as Jari Tervo and Juha Vuorinen.
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    Showbiz (cd), Origin Of Symmetry (cd, vinyl), Absolution (cd), Black Holes And Revelations (cd), The Resistance (deluxe edition box), Hullabaloo (dvd + cd), Absolution Tour (dvd), Manic Depression (dvd), H.A.A.R.P (cd + dvd)
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    Roskilde Festival 2007, Helsinki Jäähalli Finland 2007, Helsinki Hartwall Areena 2009, Rock am Ring 2010, Helsinki Kaisaniemi 2010, Wembley 2010
  1. Does anyone know how many tickets been sold at the moment? Is this gig going to be sold out anyway? Can’t wait and joining this all the way from Finland 💪
  2. Uuden levyn innoittamana tuli hommattua liput sekä Suvilahteen että Lontoon Stadion-keikalle. Lontoon reissu oli toki muutenkin suunnitteilla, mutta nyt sen sai kivasti yhdistettyä keikkaan. Onkos muita tulossa tonne 1.6. konserttiin?
  3. If anyone has an extra standing ticket for this gig, I am interested in buying it. Just send me a PM...
  4. Hei! Thanks for adding me as a friend! :D


    Well, I know several things about Finland because I have a lot of friends from there, I'm in contact with the embassy from my country and the local community.. and of course, they taught me so many things. :p

  5. Hey, there MX! How can you know so much about our distant country Finland? Only a week left for the gig and I`m so excited about it!!! YeAaHhi!!!!

  6. Yea im good . Thank's for asking. Thank's for adding me. Take care:musesign::musesign:

  7. Hey!!! Life is quite good at this moment! Hopefully your`s is too! U know, It`s under a month ( 23 days exactly ) and we`ll see MUSE live here in Finland which is FANTASTIC! How are you hanging there at the moment? You having a great time? I just found this forum and this is also a nice thing to have...need to visit more often here!

  8. Hello there hope life is good.

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