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    A Fillet In My Toes.
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    Oh, stuff and things.
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    Books and films. Not a lot else.
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    Frank Zappa
    Godspeed You Black Emperor
    Leonard Cohen

    Have a look at my lastfm for a more extensive list.
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    A Clockwork Orange, 2001:A Space Odyssey, The Fiddler on the Roof, The Enigma of Kaspar Hauser, Pan's Labrinyth, Apocalypse Now, The Shining, Last House on the Left, ask if you'd like to know more....
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    Not much. The occasional panel show like Mock the Week, QI, Jeeves and Wooster is excellent.
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    I'm a fan of Wilde and Kerouac, and love "Poet in New York" by Lorca. Little Viennese Waltz is a beautiful poem.
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  1. what have you seen?

  2. happy Valentine's Day!! ;)

  3. hey thanks for acepting my request!!! How are you?

  4. ....Now one of them is making me listen to so much electro and dubstep my ears are starting to bleed a bit. In a good way

  5. Erm. It's pretty thankless. But yes when something does go right it is quite good. And it's given my social life a pretty hefty kick up the arse.

  6. Yes, I've read via your Facebook about getting into politics. I imagine it's a lot of hard work. But, I would hope, with a deal of satisfaction?

  7. oh same old same old. got into politics and ting.

  8. This is indeed true, Robson; I estimate it at some time over a year. How have things been? Festive greetings to you, by the way. I should really let cynicism abate at Christmas.

  9. long time no see Mr S

  10. I know I wasn't sure about going then they announced Gary Numan and IAMX so I'm so there.. hopefully haha

  11. That'd seem more logical if you're going to the festival, it'd be better value for money.


    Seems like 2009 is a very good year for gigs.

  12. Yeah Vel informed me but I may go to the Gothic Festival in Belgium and they are playing there. There are too many bands I want to see this year I can't decide!

  13. Are you aware of KMFDM playing in London on July 18th?


    I believe it's at the O2 Islington, tickets are about 20.00 including all the credit card nonsense. I bought my ticket last week, which is stupidly early, though at least I have the ticket in my possession now.

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