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  1. Went to Emirates as well. The audience is way much better there than Finland. Jumping is crazy and nobody cares if/when someone is pushing or stepping on your toes. =D It's frigging amazing. Went to Wembley 2010 as well. Have to get the kicks from London to survive from the apathy of finnish audience. ;D
  2. oh bloody hell! I wrote an email to seetickets, asking if they could tell me what is our entry point to the stadium. so that we can queue at the right line before some of us collects the tickets. well what I got was the location of the box office. =D duh!
  3. "Please note these pre-sales are for muse.mu members who had fully activated accounts by 12:00 on Friday 16th November."
  4. wohoo, standing ticket <3 wembley 2010 was awesome, so will be this. coming from Finland cos the audience at Finland is pretty lame. =D
  5. no email here either. this is so frustrating. damn it. =D can someone say all the sites that sell tickets to london gigs? thank you. is there any site that sells only standing tickets?
  6. heipä hei perjantain keikalle kovasti menossa kaverin kanssa, jos ne liput nyt vaa tulee joskus. =) mielenkiintoo ois lauantaillekin. saa nyt nähdä jos jostain saa hankittua liput. ke-su lontoo cityssä. ryanairiltä irtos 70 eurolla meno-paluu lento. =) jotain suomi rekvisiittaa ois tarkotus hankkia. katsotaa mitä keksitää. =)
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