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  1. I was an idiot. Why?

  2. What up and walking? :D

  3. Is Hen alright? Aint talked to him in ageeessss.

  4. Can i ask you something sorry.

  5. Can you tell me something.

  6. :D Im married. Engaged infact.
  7. Im joking by the way :stunned:

  8. Sitting in my livingroom with my boyfriend. Lol. :LOL:

  9. What you doing? Im so bored.

  10. Your well talkative today :stunned:

  11. Umm basically. We have 200 quid at the start of the day, and at the end, your supposed to have 200. But the other day i lost ten quid cause some guy hustled me. It wasnt my fault but my boss had a go at me for it. They think im nicking.

  12. Im alright. Tired. Lost even more money on the till today in work.


    My boss is gonna go off on one.

  13. How are you today? Its been a while innit.

  14. Samsamsamsam! Loooooooool hello :)

  15. Heyyyy :)


    Im gooooood yourself?



  16. It was sooooooo good! Met so many nice people :)


    You been ok? (:

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