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  1. [quote=ChasingDreams;3620445and "why can't you sleep with someone who protects you" love it xD what song is that from?!?
  2. i HATE it when people say they sound boring! they are so loud and each song tells a story. and WHAT THE HELL, they do NOT sound like any other band these days. Muse is soooo unique, thats why i luv them. they dont shout, and they are rocky enough.
  3. :LOL::LOL: THAT'S FUCKING AWESOME!! did u put that on the caption thread?!
  4. presently, Muse doesn't sound ANYTHING like Radiohead. i was listening to one of radiohead's new song and he said "Take a bow" 3 times and i started laughing. maybe he's a big Muse fan...
  5. YYYYYYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Radiohead's album came out! (sort of) in one day all of the songs got onto limewire:LOL: i was able to get all the songs! cant wait to listen to them!
  6. So let's all shut up and download In Rainbows tomorrow. OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!! i CANT wait to listen to their new songs!!! im sooo excited that Radiohead's finally coming back. maybe they's a chance they'll come to NYC and ill finally be able to see them! its my dream to see radiohead in concert (since ive already seen Muse!) a 1% chance ill go isnt a lot... but ill hold on to that 1%
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