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  1. yeh pretty shocking, i dont deserve having the tape anymore ha! i saw 1st april somewhere...obviously not...cool, i shall be buying it at lunchtime!
  2. spending my last few hours with tape, posting it lunchtime folks!! with all the other bits and bobs from old newspapers mags etc... when does this harp business come out...is it out??
  3. hi...so its all on, hope you enjoy the samples!!
  4. hey folks! sorry about the delay with regard to the samples, i can say that these will be available by the weekend....a full track listing of the demo tape ill put on this week. as i am not allowed to advertise with regard to the selling of the tape on ebay, i wont!! but you will be able to listen to the last few samples of a few old muse songs.... the 11 song demo includes (as mentioned before i think) baloonatic,agitated,old versions of sober,coma...also the awesome songs of boredom,rain, and my favourite "falling with the crowd".....also there is a song called crazy days, (which i think is an old version of something) this was a sample ive already put on i think...... and yes you can ring my neck if i dont put it on by the weekend, sorry about the wait. a few have requested me to upload all the tape (understandably)...but i have made an agreement that i will not do this...so soz i cant. hope you enjoy the samples
  5. hi guys...sorry about not putting on samples as i said i would..(busy weekend)you will be able to listen to them, hopefully by the end of the month...ill post a message when im actually putting them on. soz agen
  6. a sample of coma (old version) i will put on this weekend. enjoy,
  7. ahhhhhh!! yes it is boredom!!!!! NO WAY! thats awesome... sorry to all who are having problems downloading off of orbit files,hopefully muselive will validate the samples soon.
  8. muselive rare recordings..samples uploaded awaiting validation..hopefully youll be able to access these amazing rare recordings!!!
  9. Are You Ready?? Read This Thread....and Await Some Unheard Muse Samples Coming Tmro Afternoon...songs Include...boredom,sober (original) And Crazy Days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. its only a tape...sorry cant be bothered messing around doing that...just wanted to see what the response would be like from the muse forum.... whoever mentioned captain kirk!! nice one...you know your stuff, you obviously a mad muse fan, or local guy
  11. ha! yeh could do...but i reckon its worth a bit...i just sold on ebay the muscle museum ep, 1000 copies produced...sold it for £200...and the first muse cd, 4 song one, is worth £500+ so a tape of 10 songs...6 which NO ONE ever has heard..hmmm might be worth a bit. i have contact with muse...getting there go ahead first. not sure if they want it out...but i want the money ...tell ya that!!
  12. hello all, i have 5,6 songs which muse have never released dating back too 1997 and 1998..home grown teignmouth boy of course...yes i did go T.C.C probably the only copy around, its on tape...does anybody out there know the early stuff?? this Newton Abbot recording was done with released songs inc overdue (older version) sober (old version) agitated (old version).....and like i said songs which NO ONE apart from the early EARLY fans remember...
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