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  1. I like Fury a lot, but TSP fit's better on the album in my opinion. As someone else said though, Eternally Missed would of been better than both of them.
  2. Citizen Erased. So many people seem to love it, and consider it to be the best Muse song. I wouldn't even place it in my top 10.
  3. Difficult question... If I could include EP's, i'd place Random 1-8 above all of the studio albums, But I tend to go more by "era" than album (including b-sides), so that's what i'll do here. Showbiz (Wouldn't necessarily say it's their best album, but the B-Sides are simply amazing.) Hullabaloo Soundtrack Absolution BHAR (Just a bit too weak for my liking. Songs like SBH, Starlight, Motp and KoC just don't do anything for me. Although I do love the songs Easily and Invincible) Origin of Symmetry (just my opinion, but OOS is very overrated.)
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