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  1. Hey, girls. I was reading the news recently and I came across this article. And apparently Kate Hudson is pregnant. I haven't been to this board for a quite a long time so I really don't know what's going on. Is this really true or just another rumour?
  2. Been away for only a couple of hours and there are already new tweets. :'( I've been on this board since 2007 and PCT is still the only place I post. I can't blame them. I would probably have the same reaction if it happened to me.
  3. Matt probably is the only who thinks it's sexy. Epic win. :eek: Oh my God. Screw the security guy,you were in front of Chris!! edit: you can clearly see which one of us has seen Muse live. Take it easy with the smilies,Allison.
  4. I know,i know,you're right. It's only natural Chris has other interests too but...i just don't like football. And neither twitter. This whole bragging and telling everybody every single detail of our lives thing isn't my cup of tea. God,no. BellDom was bad enough, I don't want to see Chris in any of those fanfics. Hi,Cris. *hugs* Nice to see you here. Actually,that's a pretty good question. Maybe Chris' hair IS straight, he just curls it every day.
  5. Sorry,had to post that in the "Share your controversial Muse opinions" thread. And besides...those grammar mistakes,Chris.. not cool,not cool at all. I don't and if I had I'm pretty sure I wouldn't tweet about Muse all the time. I'm not that obsessed and I have other interests too. *sigh* I have always loved that pic.
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