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  1. There are many reasons to not eat meat, but if one of yours is that you are 'compassionate', or love and respect animals, then you really should consider not using mass-production milk and egg products. Even if those aren't your reasons, milk and eggs really aren't the healthiest of things, regardless of what the clever advertising would have you believe! It's usually a little inconvenient when you're eating out, but at home it's a lot easier because you can control what you eat and there are many alternatives. It's worth it though, believe me.
  2. oh thank you!my name is martha.... :)

  3. yet still are cool with eggs and milk? So you only care when it's easy?
  4. @ That Little Animal : That's why I love it. It's raw feeling...
  5. I think it means, 'be the best you can be' rather than be the best there is. Which makes more sense contextually. I love that part of the song. And escape, which everyone seems to be pointing out here Fillip and starlight are terrible though, in general. Quite a few people are posting things that 'don't make sense' but one or two kinda do, and the rest probably do in matt's mind at least
  6. I had one ages ago. Was at a gig and somehow managed to sneak backstage. Met Matt's Girlfriend, she was nice. Then went swimming and woke up on the floor
  7. If he decides to sell it we could go in together for it, for the good of all muse fans
  8. I was agreeing with you above, just in case you thought I was taking the mick I'm creating an underrated thread
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