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  1. hiyaaaaa!! happy bday!! :D

  2. and now back to who'se from the north east
  3. flag design: "north east muse fans" with optional "TOUR" underneath. just have that.
  4. Well, i've been away for a good 7 months. I did go to beddybyes. many times but it's a crazy story you see. Firstly, after posting my last message a group of crazy african mexicans, yes, crossbred african mexicans, burst in my house stole me and took me away to the antarctic, why i don't know. so anyway there i learnt the language and the tricks of the trade. I soon became a celebrity with the locals and made a name for myself in the wateeki village. I was still under the influence of my captors, however. Upon the day of the new years i introduced muse into the culture, i was then given the chance to perform on the stage at the local "shin-dig". From this i was granted the use of a guitar of my choice. Luckily an intellectual choice of a Jackson King V (pointedly sharp headstock). Upon the encore for my second song i violently stabbed the bassist and dived onto the drummer and pierced his main arterys with my teeth. I knew from this, this was my time to leg it. I hitched a ride in the local gas station by a trucker named Al, he was kind enough to take me to the local airport or "place of many flying objects" in his words. i had in my process of homicidal breakout stolen the wallet of the drummer, i used his card to pay for a flight to panama (where the extraditionary laws are relaxed). I arrived in panama and made a name for myself as "El-Forced-Inular-X" which in local tongue stood for the one who was of the same nature as a donkey, why, i don't know. I raised enough money doing something i'm very ashamed of and won't go into detail i then took a flight back to the United Kingdom and arrived back to my hometown with a parade on the 4th of March, with a burning passion to reply to the topic i started on this board, drove me on to kill my captors and make my way home. I've seen things that can't be unseen. I've experienced life, that can't be unexperienced. I hope you appreciate my commitment.
  5. 16: i can leave school legally and go to work and get paid. 35: You go to work; you get paid for going there-yay!! 16: my family were rich. 35: For a few hours after payday you're rich. Rich!! Beyond your wildest dreams mwhhhhahhhhhahahahah!!! 16: im an orphan 35: Parents: something you see once a week or so for Sunday dinner 16: im an orphan 35: Living with someone you choose to live with (plus potential for some 'action' too:LOL:) 16: dont even have one. im blessed 35: spots? Yeah, I remember them.... 16: im the legal age to stay in a house by myself unnattended, so i think i can go to wembley. 35: Casually go on internet, enter card details where it says pay here for tickets and for hotel; you got yourself a fabby weekend to look forward to. SUCK ON THAT. im not really an orphan, it just helps my defence, i belong to a single parent family, theres not much snooping,
  6. DARTS? this does NOT help your defence
  7. if you're 35 and im 16, double 16 = 32 so you're double my age plus a bit, so basically double
  8. its quotable im half you're age, aren't i supposed to be immature
  9. while we dont notice asleep bah! early scots
  10. i'm from durham. everyone calls the kids young'uns
  11. manchesters in the east some people and geopraphy
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