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  1. Strange to me that they didn't announce a Brisbane date and make it an east coast tour Just bought a ticket for Melbourne. Was lucky to get Motp and Fury last time and almost needed to be pulled up from the floor. I doubt the setlist will be that good this time around - we were so lucky that night
  2. I havent played them back to back (saving myself for the album release) but I imagine the wizard of oz leading into it is going to be The handler leading into JFK is going to be superb too. I was really feeling the later half of the song where the protagonist is freeing themselves so having the speech right after with some nice music is going to make me damn happy.
  3. I am slightly concerned that the handler was the peak of the album, being the band's favourite and its all downhill from there. I will cry. I thought the instagram snippet with the severed finger* jammed into the guitar was going to be the handler and I'm impatient to know where it's from! *not a finger
  4. this song makes me need to lie down afterwards. Also, Chris is majestic. MAJESTIC
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