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  1. Plenty of useful info on here people... http://www.footballgroundguide.com/coventry_city/index.htm
  2. London is going to be mental that night with the Champions League final on at Wembley, if the footy goes to extra time there could be near on 150,000 people trying to get away from North London come 10.30pm :-/
  3. Hmmmmm, it's a toss up between here or the 2nd emirates date I think. North London will be a nightmare on the Saturday with the Champions League final. What's Coventry like gettin away from when there's a full crowd? Only ever done it for football and there's never huge attendances there. Quite surprised they didn't choose Villa Park instead.
  4. That was pretty damned awesome I must say!!! When tickets first went on sale I was stone cold broke as I'd just sorted a mortgage out so was gutted I was going to miss out but managed to get some of the rear view seats when they were released last month, all I can say is wow. The view was amazing, just metres from the walkway around the back the band were using and Matt really seemed to like having us there!! Ranks quite high on my list, not quite as much as Wembley 07 or the RAH but pretty damned close! Was hoping Muscle Museum was going to be the song from Showbiz but won't complain at Sunburn!! Roll on next years stadium tour ( and hopefully an Absolution anniversary show)
  5. Was having a discussion with a friend yesterday about the fact it looks like the band are following their tried and tested Winter arena tour/ Summer stadium tour from recent years. Anyhoo we got to discussing Wembley Stadium,and whether they'd play there again a third tour in a row, or whether it's lost it's sparkle now they've played there in 07 and 10. Just wondered what venues other forumites would like to see the band play in for a change? I'd quite like to see them give Wembley a miss this time around and maybe play the Olympic Stadium.
  6. I pretty much agree that if they do decide to release a dvd of this tour (and even better,a blu-ray),that it should be a mix of performances from various different dates along the way. Madison Square Garden, Stade De France and the San Siro are amongst the most famous venues in the world,would love to see footage of these shows. Shame they never released the RAH show,whenever I watch the blu-ray of The Killers there I think how great it would have looked. I suppose they already had a dvd of that tour though.
  7. Good to see a Singapore show announced,when I flew home from there last year I was wearing my Wembley t-shirt and got chatting to a local working at a coffee bar at Changi Airport who was a massive Muse fan and she was gutted they hadn't been there for a while. Hope she got tickets!
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