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  1. I had a dream the I met Chris and Dom. Chris was a giant, and Dom was really, really short. So, the people I was waiting with, started calling them over, so they came over. Then Dom started signing autographs, and then Chris went to talk on the phone, and then people were started yelling 'Wolstenbeast.'. He then hung up, and came over and started staring at me. So, I said, 'Hey Wolstenbeast, nice 'stache.' Then he goes, 'I'll show you a nice 'stache.' and started scratching my forehead. And then I asked for a photo with him. Then he grabbed someones camera, and snapped a photo of us. Then I woke up.
  2. Kanrocksas will be streaming live.
  3. I had a dream last night that Dom and I were at a bar singing some Karoke. I don't remember what we sang though. Just that he was wearing his sunglasses and I was in leopard print.
  4. It was a contest winner. I think Hullabaloo should have won.
  5. I'll only tell the parts of my dream last night with Dom. In one part we were riding bikes, then we were in a gas station buying corn dogs, and by the end we had a baby. It was pretty cool.
  6. I don't really remember my dream, except I could barley make out Matt, Chris and Dom's faces, standing above me. Pretty sure Tom was there too. Matt was muttering something I couldn't understand. I wish there was more!!!
  7. Lol!!! Congrats to them. That boy is going to be talented with a dad like Matt, lets hope, anyways. Probably going to be a crazy conspirator like his father... Lol.
  8. I was going to go to Lolla, but this is closer to Nebraska. Pretty excited. It's the day after my birthday, and Lolla was on my birthday, so.......
  9. I'll be the girl in the purple home-made 21st birthday shirt and tall birthday hat. Woot!! It's going to be leopard print. Not sure if i should put some lyrics on my sleeves or just put Muse on them...
  10. It was so bad. I can't believe people thought it was brilliant, it was far from that.
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