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  1. Looks to me that it is exclusive to ticketmaster: Muse Liebe Ticketmaster-Freunde, noch bevor die großartigen MUSE im November nach München und im Dezember nach Hamburg kommen, spielen die Briten eine exklusive Club-Show im Kölner E-Werk, um ihr kommendes Studioalbum „The 2nd Law“ zu präsentieren. Deine Tickets für die Club-Show von MUSE in Köln kannst Du Dir HIER exklusiv ab Dienstag, den 11.09. (10:00 Uhr) sichern! Termin: 20.09.2012 Köln - E-Werk Viel Spaß bei MUSE! Dein Ticketmaster-Team
  2. Who said 50?????. It is 59€ + delivery charges. (And minimum ticketmaster to ship outside germany is 19€!) Hopefully there will be an e-ticket. Pasted from ticketmaster page: Stehplatz 59.00 EUR (price w/o delivery fee) Our prices include VAT and ticket and booking charges. A delivery charge may be added on the Checkout Page.
  3. I still can't believe they will stop twice for 9 days in the middle of an European tour. It does not make any sense! I expect a few more UK dates being announced when the album is released (+ of course the Irish ones)
  4. Queen + Paul Rodgers (QPR for short) played for 2:20 min every gig last year. Muse are my favourite band, but this tour is a rip off. I bought "the product" (tickets) for 5 gigs 4 month in advance, expecting certain quality, now I've noticed that the delivered product is faulty. As simple as that.
  5. Question for people that have been already at the barrier: Is it possible to see the videos from there? I was at the Hovet at the back and I ended up dissapointed by the fact that they could only manage to set up two very small towers. I would like to be at the front in Dublin and London, but at the same time I would like to see the show as Muse intended to be, not the stripped version shown at Stockholm. Any advice?
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