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  1. Probably means, expect a lot less "Choreography" for these 2 gigs and lot more rocking out and spontaneity which will be a nice change up!!!


    Belfast is standard Drones Tour in the round as far as I know. For Dublin I would not be surprised if we get a premiere of Drones Tour summer shows stage. Be aware that the T-Shirts list all shows as Drone Tour shows, Austrian Snow resort and festivals included. So a festival setup for Dublin would be still a "Drones Tour" gig. I am so pissed that my friend got sick and I have to sit with my family for this one ...... :mad:

  2. Manyana todas las fechas de USA y Europa de un tiron, incluyendo 3 dias en el O2 de Londres. Hala, ya lo he dicho (igual no acierto pero me temo que los 3 dias van fijo) En el caso de los USA sera un desastre. Mucha de la gente que los sigue no va a poder ir porque ya no tienen margen de pedir vacaciones. Vale que los locos somos cuatro gatos, pero si "psycho musers" no pueden ir, imaginaros la gente normal que ya ha hecho sus cuentas y comprado los tickets de los shows de las navidades.

  3. That is exactly what i said.


    Sorry, I misunderstood you. It only makes sense if Colombia is the last of the Asia/SA tour and Mexico one of the first shows of the NA tour. The only thing we know for certain is that SA is not 360 from the tickets sale websites maps) and Mexico is 360 stage. All the rest are my own musings (pun intended).

  4. So? Why have 1 moth gap and bring all the production to Mexico for 3 gigs when you are already in Colombia, they could just go from there.


    Mexico gigs are part of the USA/Canada/Mexico tour that everybody is talking about here. The one with the 360 stage. (Confirmed by Ticketmaster Mexico) The one that is clashing with Thanksgiving, the one that will run up to Xmas ... :-)


    Colombia shows are part of the Asia/South America tour that will feature a standard stage, probably the same used in festivals here in Europe now.


    I know, these are only my thoughs but I am pretty sure that it is like that.

  5. I was lucky enough to get 2 tickets for Sunday's gig for me and a mate from Scotland. Unfortunately it looks like he can't make it any more and, having not long moved to Manchester myself, I don't really know anyone else who can step in.


    So is anyone on here still looking for a ticket? Would be happy to let it go for face value unless offers come flooding in! It's not 100% definitely available yet, but with not long to go til the gig I want to gauge interest in the likely event it does become available.


    If interested please reply on here, or there should be an option to email me, I've ticked the registration box to allow that.



    message sent :-)

  6. Anyone have any info on what time the gig is over at? Would like to get the last bus from Europa at 11.


    Edit: Oh there's one at 1am too! Lovely!


    Trying to get that bus too. I suppose there will be a 10:30 curfew so as long as you don't buy merchandising will be ok. Don't want to wait until 1am unless the show runs late.

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