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  1. My only party horn and it ain't even real! :LOL: Thank you!

  2. Oh herro! :) I'm well, I had a good Christmas, got a shiny new ipod with plenty of much needed space and I'm just making good use of my free time atm by playing lots of games etc. What's up with you?

  3. Yo! Thanks for the track! It is relevant to my interests, as it is japanese and loud and offbeat and well, interesting. :happy: Think I shall look into them a bit more.


    I am well, just seeing recently if I can post a bit more and get to know the board again, I've not been a regular for some time... :)


    Have something somewhat similar.



  4. Thank you for those birthday wishes! :happy: I'm glad I got at least one from the board, haha!

  5. It sounds interesting, and I'm finding a few good-looking images...but I'm forced to be really tight with money at the moment. Need to apply for a new passport, and then there's Christmas...and I've bought Skyrim which will keep me occupied for ages. I may check it out in the new year though. I'll inform you of what I think when I get it.

  6. I'm afraid I haven't...haven't played Rome in ages actually, my disk for it broke and I was thinking of buying it on Steam but I've been putting it off, other games showed up. Tell me about it, though.

  7. I <3 u and your Lizo.

  8. Ahem, I felt I should wish you a Happy Birthday, as you share your birthday with mine, and Birthday threads appear to have fallen out of fashion...


    So, Happy Birthday. :) Many happy returns.

  9. Merry Christmas to you too!! :D:D:D

  10. I wouldn't be being true to myself if I didn't post right now: Jealous, man. ;)

  11. Your avatar! :LOL: :LOL: Props.

  12. Thank you! It is lovely indeed. :happy:

  13. Jonny Greenwood = Shoe? Wtf, man!


    It was so random it made me laugh so kudos. :LOL:

  14. Excellent signature! :LOL:

  15. I'm really finding it hard getting used to you having a larger lickitung. :LOL:

  16. Awesome avatar! :D:D:D


    *does Hare Hare Yukai*

  17. Haha, just wanted to reply to you about "The Curious Incident of..."- you asked about it ages ago in Recent Purchases and I forgot I posted there. :chuckle:


    It's definetly worth reading I'd say, but as you'd expect it's not a conventional read. As in, you don't read it to be thrilled by it, you read it for an insight into an acute Asperger's mind. It can be funny and charming and very interesting in how the main character interprets things. Of course it can also be kinda sad and to be honest you really start to worry about him.


    It reads wildly differently to other books, as you'd expect. Infrequently it can seem like a dull read because he tends to ramble on about things for reasons you'll understand. That difference is what makes it really interesting for me though. Hope you get round to reading it, and tell me what you think when you do. :D


    Kk, Charmander. Hope your birthday was teh nommage.

  18. Your avatar is bloody brilliant. :D

  19. lol the Canada thread.

  20. Aye it is a lot like Snow Patrol as well, I just thought it had a 'bigger' sound that Keane tends to produce. I'm glad you liked it, I've been sticking it on repeat recently. I do reccomend Spotify as well, it's just the handiest thing for checking out bands you've been meaning to look at or which are reccomended to you.

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