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    Im tracy and
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    Muse, NIN, Rock+ Metal in general.
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    Obviously Muse and Nine Inch Nails. I also like Wednesday 13, Murderdolls, Frankenstein Drag Queens from planet 13, The Cure, Ministry, Revco, Skinny Puppy etc.
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    The Crow, Simpsons Movie. Any good horrors in general.
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    Supernatural, Ghost Whisperer, Lost, Desperate Housewives.
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    Cds- Showbiz UK edition + Japan edition, Origin Of Symmetry Uk edition(2 of these) + japan edition, Absolution Uk edition + japan edition + absolution germany cd+dvd, Hullabaloo Uk edition and japan edition, Blackholes & Revelations Uk edition(case) + japan version + Uk tour edition, Random 1-8 japan cd, ever cd single and dvd single apart from uno uk edition, Showbiz boxset, Origin of symmetry boxset, Absolution boxset, Lockjaw records helping you get back vol 1 and the 2004 version. Haarp- Standard Edition + Special Edition

    LP and Vinyls- SMBH, starlight, sunburn, unintended, knights of cydonia, Absolution LP, invincible, sing for absolution, hysteria, new born.

    Quite a few promos. Inc showbiz promo with spanner.

    Obviously every muse dvd. Box in ring dvd, Live 8 paris dvds too.
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    4 + 5 September 2009 - Teignmouth, 4th November 09 - Sheffield, 10th November 09 - Birmingham, 11th November 09- London
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  1. I am from Peru, but I live in Costa Rica, it's nice but I would prefer to live in another country

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