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  1. :LOL:


    Okay, ignoring the fact that Matt's 5th octaves notes(which I'm guessing you're referring to when you say head voice) aren't belting in any way, what are you on about?


    Matt's vocals have gradually improved by each album, and with The 2nd Law, possibly more than ever. He's not perfect technically, and definitely not among the best. But I don't think anyone here said he was either.


    But seriously what is this "stuff in his voice" that is so cliche? And how the hell has he reached every limit to his voice if this album features more range than any other Muse album? Not to mention that it was on the TR tour that he started belting B4s, something he's never done before. I mean, compare the Bb4 in Feeling Good to the ones in Madness or Survival. He's improved a LOT. To say that he's explored every limit to his voice is ridiculous, especially since we've barely ever heard him use mixed voice.


    He has these habits that get ridiculously annoying, like throwing his whole throat downwards when he makes a large jump in the head voice. It's on animals and I hate it, it's proper 'technique' but it's too apparent and its not meant to be heard. Vocal coaches teach it.


    He also pulls his chin in live when doing it, which ruins his natural tone.

  2. It's not pretentious though since he IS as good as he makes himself out to be for once :>


    Not really, the past two albums have been full of the type of stuff in his voice which became basically cliches years ago. It's cringworthy and you'd have to be extremely far up his rear-end to think he is a world class singer of any sort.


    The only tone he does well anymore is the belted head voice and that is even getting annoying if it's done too often.


    The point is he has explored every limit to his voice a long time ago and is basically has nothing left to give from it, which is why the vocals as well as the lyrics are getting worse as time goes on. Nothing new as far as vocals go.

  3. Come on guys, The Resistance is not that bad. It is just not original at all. Almost every song has something that is a copy of some other song. But it has some great songs IMO.


    And I guess I am the only one who thinks Unnatural Selection is maybe the worst song on the album.


    It was a terrible album song writing wise.


    I feel T2L is not near as bad but I feel the chord progressions and vocals matt displays are long over used.

  4. I'm surprised you bothered to even check in then.


    I haven't heard anything good from Coldplay in 9 years and I'm definitely not lurking around their website hoping for something better.


    I check in to see when the leaks and early performances start to arrive.

  5. There. I said it. Come at me.


    They're never going to get that status and constantly trying to create wanna-be Bohemian Rhapsodies and operas not to mention all the other stuff and stick to what they're good at. It would also help if people didn't describe it as 'experimenting new ideas'. Not even the dubstep is a new idea, its a rip off of a rip off that has become a terrible bandwagon and Muse just hopped straight onto it.


    Last song we heard of just the three of them without all the annoying production was Soldier's Poem.

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