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    Led Zeppelin
    Aphex Twin
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    Bright Eyes/Conor Oberst
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    Lots of other stuff I can't think and other random shit.
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    Requiem for a Dream, American Psycho, Hot Fuzz, Fear and Loathing, If..., Something About Mary, Life Less Ordinary, Notting Hill, 4 Weddings and a Funeral, Love Actually, Zoolander, Layer Cake, Amelie, Solaris, V for Vendetta, Pirates of the Carribean, any random old film which has lots of walking around, loading guns, 3 characters, no women and about 10 lines of dialogue.
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    Lost, Scrubs, Family Guy.
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    Iain M. Banks (esp Use of Weapons)
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    Marlay Park, 13th August '08.
  1. Take a Bow, but extended, with extra hateful lyrics. A 400 piece robot orchestra. It would end with a very carefully choreographed explosion which destroys the stage, the orchestra, and the entire PA system. Muse would hide somewhere in the wreckage, the management would claim they had died, and they could go hang with Shergar. I'd want to be at that concert.
  2. I am happy but Christ you can't say you don't want as many questions answered as possible. Call me selfish coz I don't give a shit. You're all thinking it.
  3. But why couldn't Dom and Chris have both answered in that thread? (Not trying to sound critical or anything but it just doesn't seem to make sense.)
  4. yeah hit me with your sarcasm hehe :LOL: x

  5. it was on the film running scared and how its non stereotypical to other films in the same genre lol

    no i have to do an assignment on prime suspect :(


    so thats a grand total of 7 essays i have to do this weekend!!

  6. cool :D how did it go? what was it on? i had a couple of assignments/reports which needed to handed up today as well, college is fun :D

  7. same hun :(


    bored really to be honest..........


    i did my media presentation today so happy happy happy :D

  8. no, not really to be honest. :p

  9. well thats good then :happy:

    ive not been up to much hunni :D


    how about you?? x

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