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  1. holy shit you changed your name.

  2. Aye, I do have his tie, so I'm not playing around.


    omg I'm looking at my Tyrannosaurus Hives poster and you're gonna look aaaawessome. :awesome:

  3. Hahaha well, if you really have your eyes set on it, and can't manage to find a pair or sew some, just ask and I'll mail you a pair. :LOL:

  4. When is your ball? Try costume shops as well, especially around the "gangster" costumes. That's where I always seem to see them, and in the correct color too.

  5. GOOD! Don't forget the gangster spats. :awesome:

  6. US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ -- 9 April -----Be There! :awesome:


    *If you come* Some of the girls where considering lining up at 5-6am, you'd be more than welcome to join us. I went to a concert there not long ago, so I know how the setup works a bit.

  7. Happy birthday gushy! :kiss:

    one more year and you're legal. :awesome:

  8. It means "snake", but it's essentially calling a woman a bitch.

  9. I saw him first, before all those girlies did. :p

  10. silly girl, lol

  11. I thought it better described my personality. :p

  12. t'was time for a change? hahaha please forgive me :D

  13. plus, if we tell anyone of the myths of the rebellion, you can just put (formerly dutch) after my sn. I don't think I'm too important for anyone to care. Like you said, as long as you guys know who I am then there shouldn't be any complaints...

  14. lol baby girl, every person in the pmt are less than a year old registered, looong before the myths of the rebellion. No one remembers us in the pmt apart AM, and Lynzi before you know...

  15. FUNNY mass confusion. Kev said it wouldn't be the same if I wasn't called dutch, but I don't think I made much of an influence here apart from our little group to be noticed. :chuckle:

  16. change it to dutch. :chuckle:

  17. you're welcome. he goes well with music too. :LOL:

  18. hey sexy azn grrrl a/s/l?



  19. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D







  20. yo mamasita!! :D

  21. raaaaawwwwrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaa!!!! how was your bday? :happy:

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