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  1. That's fair enough. I'll prolly give it a listen in the next few days while doing coursework.

  2. firefly is the best show ever!

  3. Looondon. I'm going to KCL.

  4. I miss your presence! Come baaack. Also, guess who'll be on your side of the pond come August? :awesome:

  5. Those are so cool!!! I want them! Am also jealous of your art skillz.
  6. I have actually got a proper DSLR. However, neither of my guitars are that spectacularly photoworthy.
  7. I know what you mean. I think it's very cool, but I can't imagine ever playing/owning one.
  8. I went to the beach twice. That's about it.

  9. I wish you could too! :( It'd be way fun!

  10. Does anyone know much about Paul Reed Smith guitars?
  11. Yeah :/ I'm kinda worried about the meeting people thing, but I have like no friends at my school now so it can't really get any worse *knocks on wood* Yeah... schoolwork is a pain.


    Yeah, and Cardiff too. I'm doing English Literature (at Cardiff I applied for English + Journalism tho). But yeah, haven't decided which one I'm gonna go to yet.

  12. Yes, but not in a long time. Yeah, I really like it. :)


    Lifes... alright, bit dull. Yours?

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