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  1. That's fair enough. I'll prolly give it a listen in the next few days while doing coursework.

  2. firefly is the best show ever!

  3. Looondon. I'm going to KCL.

  4. I miss your presence! Come baaack. Also, guess who'll be on your side of the pond come August? :awesome:

  5. I went to the beach twice. That's about it.

  6. I wish you could too! :( It'd be way fun!

  7. Yeah :/ I'm kinda worried about the meeting people thing, but I have like no friends at my school now so it can't really get any worse *knocks on wood* Yeah... schoolwork is a pain.


    Yeah, and Cardiff too. I'm doing English Literature (at Cardiff I applied for English + Journalism tho). But yeah, haven't decided which one I'm gonna go to yet.

  8. Yes, but not in a long time. Yeah, I really like it. :)


    Lifes... alright, bit dull. Yours?

  9. did you block me on msn?

  10. its not me obviously. I dislike being called hot

  11. haha oh yeah loadds of fun :rolleyes: I work for my dad and tutor a kid in writing. But awh that sounds like fun!


    :LOL: I never go to parties period. I am too uncool I guess lol. But yeah, I used to actually go to the movies or just hang out with some friends at night sometimes but now they've all gone even lamer than usual so meh!

  12. oh goodie, thought so :happy:

  13. hm... recruit only very very special people :p and otherwise keep it a secret! :p

  14. I knoww! :( And like all the other musers get to have their little meetups but there aren't even enough people around here for that! Like before you joined I think I was the only chicago fan who posted regularly :p

  15. hello fellow chicagoannnn! I think we need more IL musers! I always get the feeling that I'm missing out on all the muserness living here >.< haha sorry off on my own little rant :p

  16. heyloooo fellow IAMX fan! wait.. I am right on that right?

  17. ah nice :) haha yeah. Am actually in summer school and working :p but not much to do late at night like lol.

  18. haha ello to you too. Going pretteh well at the mo' if a bit boring :p you?

  19. lol! that faillsss!

  20. :D *hugs* cut down on the caffiene boy! :p
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