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  1. *Cousin plays me... I believe it was either New Born or Muscle Museum in 2001* ".....teh f00k?" *Listens to it a few more times* "....it's actually really good but my question remains - teh f00k?"
  2. 24 song setlist calculated by shuffle: 1. Dead Star 2. Screenager 3. Space Dementia 4. Ruled By Secrecy 5. Stockholm Syndrome 6. Recess 7. Overdue 8. In Your World 9. Falling Away With You 10. Starlight 11. Exo-Politics 12. Ashamed 13. Eternally Missed 14. Razor Blades 15. Citizen Erased 16. Can't Take My Eyes Off You 17. Forced In 18. Showbiz 19. Do We Need This? 20. You Fucking Mother Fucker 21. New Born 22. The Small Print 23. Hysteria 24. Hyper Music I just found the worst Muse setlist ever.
  3. Current personal record distance travelled for Muse - 763 miles. If the coming Autumn/Fall plan goes well - Trans-Atlantic.
  4. I knew there was a reason I like the song so much..
  5. Yup, hence I'm not gonna be moving back any time soon unless I win the lottery.
  6. Damn right I do I miss home. Pfft knowing my luck I won't be able to afford to move back.
  7. Yay I've been over here since I was about five, I'm eighteen now. I'm over here until I can afford to move back myself. I wanna come home.
  8. Um, I'm Irish but I live in England now, do I still count?
  9. okay, here we go: Bliss x4 Plug In Baby x4 New Born x4 Time Is Running Out x4 Hysteria x4 Stockholm Syndrome x4 Knights of Cydonia x3 Supermassive Black Hole x3 Map of the Problematique x3 Forced In x3 Butterflies & Hurricanes x3 Feeling Good x3 Sunburn x3 Invincible x3 Starlight x3 Take a Bow x3 Sing For Absolution x2 Hoodoo x2 Apocalypse Please x2 Soldiers Poem x2 Blackout x2 Citizen Erased x2 Ashamed x1 Unintended x1 City of Delusion x1 Showbiz x1 Burning Bridges x1 Thoughts of a Dying Atheist x1 Space Dementia x1 Endlessly x1 The Small Print x1 Muscle Museum x1
  10. "Darkshines, bringing it down, making my heart feel sore, 'cuz it's good" Initial translation below, hence I love it so much!
  11. Yes Please // Eight. Time Is Running Out // Seven. Butterflies & Hurricanes // Seven. Knights of Cydonia // Seven. Will Someone Shoot That Fucking Snake? (Gallows) // Twenty seven.
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