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  1. Yeah, I had issues ordering, tried with 4 different cards and it kept coming up with 'technical error'. It suddenly worked in the end though, so keep trying!
  2. OK, final final code, with 2 left for Amsterdam and 4 for the other gigs: MUSA626C40
  3. And finally, one with 4 left for all gigs: MUS9D52AD1
  4. Another with 1 left for Copenhagen, and 4 for the other gigs: MUS929FF88
  5. OK, another unused code, so 4 for each gig: MUS6DC1DCA
  6. I have one ticket left for Denmark, and presumably 4 for any of the other gigs on code MUS6CC3A0B
  7. Just use the link given in the e-mail with the code in it.
  8. Dutch tickets are 66 Euros. But I agree, they can't announce a gig without having agreed everything, so why they can't also announce the ticket prices at the same time is beyond me. Irritates the crap out of me!
  9. If you're wanting to book more than one gig, make sure you prioritise, I e-mailed Warners to ask and just heard back: the code is only valid for one gig at one venue!
  10. Nijmegen is a park, not a stadium, so unlikely they'll be playing there on a weekday, too disruptive for the people who live in Nijmegen. I'm hoping for 22nd June, as Rammstein are also playing the Netherlands the 25th, so could kill two birds with one stone. Also, my sister loves Muse too and it's her birthday on the 22nd. That weekend seems likely to me as Bon Jovi play there the weekend before, so for setting-up purposes it makes sense. Fingers crossed... The weekend of the 28th June is also Glastonbury, with them playing Rock Werchter on the Monday they could be headliners at Glastonbury the Friday or Saturday before.
  11. they've added a 3rd gig on the 14th, just go for that one!
  12. I now have tickets sorted for the 12th via the O2 presale. Could have gotten seats for the 11th, but want standing so will hopefully work my magic fingers for that in the general sale on Friday...
  13. No, the O2 presale starts at 10am. At least for London it does. I'm in the waiting room as we speak.
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