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  1. The energy a living thing has used while alive to decrease it's own internal entropy can't be given back as it's already been used and converted usually into heat, but the proteins themselves that made up the living organism could be broken down or burnt to release energy, but it's usually a tiny tiny amount compared to what was used over it's life I'd imagine
  2. I agree... I think. The sun was just an example, the point is more that it's not as simple as he makes out. What seems to be suggested in the song is that entropy on Earth is increasing (not necessarily true), and hence usable energy is decreasing (again not true, sun as an example, but others available, nuclear being another) and as a result of this, the economy is bound to crash and the apocalypse is nigh. My criticisms come not in the science itself, but more the bastardization of physical concepts into an apocalypse "theory". The growth of our civilization would be a real problem if science wasn't developing at such a fast rate. By real problem I'm not saying it isn't an issue, more that it doesn't mean our impending doom and global destruction. Yes, fossil fuels may well deplete soon, but that is not the result of the second law of thermodynamics. We have ways around it, and will continue to find ways around it. Obviously it's a big issue, but I think that's really the point. It's a big, complicated issue... and one that has almost nothing to do with the second law, at least not on a global scale. I should put this in bold as this is the important part: I wouldn't criticize normally. I think it's nice that they've had a go at thermodynamics, even if they did completely miss the point of the second law... HOWEVER.... People who don't study physics and have heard the song have been asking me if.... no strike that, TELLING me that the laws of thermodynamics prove that we are all doomed because of economic growth.... And that makes me cry inside...
  3. I know what I'm about to write has already been posted loads before, but I cannot be bothered to read through all the other posts so heres my opinion: The science stated in Unsustainable is sound. The implications they have derived from it are really not. So in an isolated system the entropy must increase or remain constant. By entropy we mean the energy available to do work, which can also be defined as dS(Change in entropy) = dQ(Change in heat)/T(Temperature of system). Realistically, it will never remain constant, as that would require a mental super efficient engine that can't really be perfectly built. So they are right in saying that in a closed system, where stuff actually happens, the entropy must increase and thus the remaining available energy to do work will decrease. But as stated time and time again here, Earth is not, in any feasible capacity, a closed system. Say what you like, but it just isn't. I'm looking out of the window now and I can see that it isnt... We have a big ol' freakin' nuclear reactor in the sky constantly pumping usable energy into the planet. There's over a tonne of usable energy from the Sun alone emitted every few minutes, and that's not even counting other forms available. Even sending someone into space to fetch some radioactive material would bring usable energy from a source outside of "civilization". Really, the only time that our energy consumption MUST result in entropy within the earth increasing to the point that society falls apart and our needs cannot be met would be when the Suns fuel depletes significantly. This should be in about 4.5 billion years. So yes, it is true that sooner or later, whatever is left of civilization will start seeing significant reductions in available energy and fast increases of entropy within the earth, but I don't think it's a big enough concern to justify the sort of conclusions the song appears to be hinting at. "Fun" side note: decreasing the entropy in one part of a system is really easy. Air conditioning is one example. You can significantly decrease the entropy within the building.
  4. Â Okay cool, that was my plan so fingers crossed. Can't get stressed over it though. As I said, I've seen them 3 times, it would be amazing to get tickets but I really can't complain if I don't manage
  5. Â Best of luck then If I don't get tickets then you damn well better had Hopefully if I don't get pre-sale tickets then I'll have the money back before Thursday. Gonna give it a good shot at least. What's the best ticket provider to use do you think?
  6. Â The HAARP gig was hilarious because they had a dedicated coach service from Oxford (where I lived at the time) to Wembley. Literally 100% Musers on that coach. The journey back was even funnier. Â And hell yeah! They should do a gig somewhere around the docks
  7.  It's the kind of thing that would happen to me somehow   I know the feeling. I got lucky last time because we have friends in Manchester but it's during my term time this tour, so I only have the Saturday gig available to me >.<  And I love the Guildhall, SUCH a nice venue. But yeah, it's a shame they're way beyond it now
  8. Â Youch That's pretty bad. I just hope nothing has gone wrong with the transaction. I'm on a student loan so the money for those tickets is a pretty big deal for me. I'd love tickets but if I don't, that's fine (at least I know that someone else who loves Muse has got them instead). I'm just scared soimethings gone wrong and I'm going to be stressing about getting the money back :/
  9. Â I managed to get crazy lucky last 3 Muse gigs I've been to (HAARP Wembley, Resistance O2 and Resistance Manchester Cricket Ground) and get them on general sale so really I'm due a spell of bad luck (not that I believe in mystical luck, but still). Â I'm trying not to get disappointed. life is too short to spend it complaining about could-have-beens.... But damnit if that's the case I'd like my money back
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