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  1. Bump Anyone know where we can pickup a ticket for that shuttle bus to the gig and where it picks up in Oslo? Cheers
  2. Hey guys, not long until the gig now!! Getting excited as I've never been to Norway before. We have a few days there, anyone got any recommendation on what to do / where to go at night? We got a hotel that seems pretty central. Also the bus that goes to the gig venue, where do we get a ticket for that? Cheers
  3. What's the VIP ticket get you? I have a small group also staying a few nights and will be looking for a few pointers on what's good / places to go too
  4. Thanks for that, we will bare that in mind. Think it's about 45 min drive from the airport to Oslo center which we will have to sort out as well but looking forward to exploring Oslo, will stay a couple of nights.
  5. got our tickets! Norway adventure here we come . Will have to read up about Oslo
  6. Should b 4 tickets. Does anyone know on the Norweigian ticket website what I'm looking out for to get standing tickets and how much NOK they will be? Thanks.
  7. Yeah I was being stupid, got it now cheers! Anyone else making the trip to Oslo? I've done a Muse meet up in Sweden maybe we could do one for Oslo and go somewhere after the gig? Need a local to show us some decent bars etc
  8. Hey guys, I've got my tickets for the O2 London but my friends and I were thinking about going to the Olso gig. With regards to the fan pre sale code I'm not seeing one right now, is that because I'm too early, have already got tickets to another gig or that I'm based in the UK? sorry if I'm being dumb.
  9. I'd say don't expect to get let in without the correct I.D. Sounds like the red carpet will kickoff at 5ish but crowds may start gathering by 12! Wonder if there will be any sort of merch, maybe a stand for the gig or just a special wristband will do
  10. got tickets does anyone know what time the red carpet stuff is kicking of at Leicester square? want to make a day of it and check that out!
  11. Just seen this :o dang “@TicketmasterCS: @musesetlist Hi there. No, the named person on the booking must attend with photo ID & bookings can't be transferred, sorry. Thanks.”
  12. That's what I'm hoping, be nice if ticketmaster customer services could email me back tho... Getting nervous
  13. Has anyone got anywhere with the transfer option? I have tickets via a work colleague as I couldn't enter the competition myself and they used their login. I've emailed ticketmaster but no reply grr, I don't want to get there and be turned away
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