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  1. i think thats basically the live version. would be class recorded in a studio yeah but 7 mins? dont overdo it lol only new born and knights of cydonia can get away with such a length for me
  2. i dont dislike any version of the song, i just think GOB version just sounds better not just for the extended bit of the added riff on guitar. i just thing all the instruments are more pronounced, they just sound clearer. i dont however think i would appreciate the GOB version without having heard DMG or the album version first. i have a mate who isnt at all keen on muse, when he heard the GOB version he was stunned, and listens to it loads now lol
  3. Okay, so I'm not going to dare ask what Muse's best song is, what I do want your opinion of is which assassin version is better? The album version or the grand omega bosses version? Personally i prefer the latter
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