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  1. The whole voice sampling/manipulation thing. It doesn't sound the same, but it's still the same device used to a less-realised extent and I'm finding it hard to get past that.
  2. Oh yeah, I just thought it was a normal ooohh type thing. I want this to be a single, and I want said single to edit out mon coeur and connect the word "muse". Now why the hell was this not played on Jools Holland? It's the most Jools Holland-y type thing I could ever have imagined Muse creating!
  3. It's OK. And it's growing on me. Can't shake the shadow of Everything in Its Right Place at the obvious point though. In fact, I'm not a fan of that bit. But overall, a good song.
  4. Best - Absolution. I doubt they'll ever top this, brilliant and diverse song ideas, astounding production and an incredible feeling to the whole thing. BHaR comes in second, but Absolution is far and away their best imho. Worst - The Resistance. I like it, I really do, but it just doesn't hold up to the other albums. OoS was my previous least favourite (shock horror!).
  5. Good stuff. It's like Assassin GOB Edit structurally, just the slow bits fit in a lot better. And I think this is one long song that would make a great single, as taking out the slow bits wouldn't make what was left behind any less awesome.
  6. I doubt it. If he didn't like what he was hearing then, chances are he doesn't now either. Most things are the same concept and sound-wise since then. And I still agree with him to an extent, although glimmers of hope have emerged. And no one can judge the whole album at this stage, for good or bad. Beacuse we haven't heard it.
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