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    Music, Art (painting and collages), surfin the net and stuff, playing (sister's) electric guitar
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    The Killers
    Kings of Leon
    Franz Ferdinand
    The Strokes
    The Hives
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    Pirates of the Carribean, The Matrix, Hot Fuzz, Mean Girls, Back to The Future, Sleepy Hollow, Little Miss Sunshine, Fight Club, quite a variety....
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    Heroes, Lost, Ugly Betty, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Extras, The Simpsons, Top Gear
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    Harry Potter
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    Hullabaloo DVD, Absolution DVD, everything else is all in mp3 apart from HAARP CD/DVD and The Resistance CD/DVD
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    o2 Arena, London Thurs 12/11/2009 and now Wembley Stadium, London 2010!

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  1. achi

    Thank you Melissa! :happy: Shall we call it a fully loaded day at work :ohmy::LOL: (It turned out to be that way..hehe..but tis all good! :) ) Treated Mom after work at a Japanese restaurant..coz we're too hungry from work :chuckle::D I just check on here once in a while..Muse is Muse anyway..the love still remains:LOL::chuckle:


    You take care too hun. Thanks again. (hah..don't worry about the PM:LOL: ) Speak to you soon :D

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