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  1. tyechan

    AF Guitars

    just made a mock up of a possible new site design, I tried to keep the style you have but just make it more easy to navigate
  2. cheers for that.

  3. does anyone know any free renderers for mac in sketchup?


    yeah there's a nice one called Kerkythea. It's fairly straight forward to use, and pretty powerful. There's a good few tutorials around too.


    You need to download both the program package itself and then the sketchup plugin, but it's all very easy to set up. here ya go for the link:


  4. a baseline macbook pro and a baseline 24inch imac for regular family use.
  5. Matt's choice of live microphone is a Neumann KMS 105. He prefers to use this microphone as it deals with his challenging mic technique (i.e. not singing near the mic). Matt's voice goes through three stages when singing live. * Normal, standard clean vocal with no effects * Through an Avalon VT737 with high gain that produces a "nice valve distorted" sound * Through a SansAmp in conjunction with a custom control switch operated by Bellamy to get extreme distortion. Matt's voice also goes through System 6000 reverbs, a TC delay and an H35000.
  6. he was classically trained with spanish guitar for 6 months and he is self taught in piano.
  7. any blackout video any plug in baby video any groove video
  8. thanks! ye haha definitely the eyes i think were a tad big which messed everything else up. but i really couldn't place myself to the state of correcting it cause i was too far in
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