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  1. theo với mọi loại bài mà sợ phải tố hay tố tất và gần như chơi bài trực tuyến không biết đến khái niệm hù doạ (bluff). Kiểu người chơi này danh bai truc tuyen tren mang không thu được lợi nhuận cao khi họ có bài mạnh. Tight agressive : Chơi kĩ và cẩn casino truc tuyen uy tin thận nhưng sẽ tố nếu có bài đẹp hoặc hơi đẹp (Tough player) song bai truc tuyen Một khi đã chọn được bài tốt để chơi, họ sẽ chơi chủ động với việc tố thường xuyên

  2. At least it sounds like they tried on this one
  3. Unfortunately, as excited as I am for the OOS performances, I feel like they're doomed to be a bit of a disappointment. I think the songs on that album are really driven by an angsty and raw side of Muse that no longer exists. I hope I'm wrong, but I doubt we'll ever see anything like this again.
  4. If I'm not mistaken, the French Revolution took place before the American.. what is he trying to say?
  5. it's cause you are a musician. why play a plastic guitar when you can play the real thing? far more gratifying
  6. YEAH thats ridiculous the emotion they put into that, seems so much more cathartic than how they play now. I forgot about that one though, thanks for the link.
  7. Micro Cuts at Montreux Stockholm Syndrome at Glastonbury \ Earl's Court (Those are equal for me) Citizen Erased Hullabaloo Showbiz Hullabloo those are also my top 5 muse songs with bliss, which i dont have any particular performance that i love but most of them are great
  8. My mom has musical taste that goes nowhere near Muse, yet she still seems to not mind them for the most part, and she even likes a few songs. And she came to a gig with me once, to which she responded 'I must admit they put on a good show.' My dad has commented that he really likes Feeling Good, and he's commented on Citizen Erased as well.
  9. he like to say 'feed the...' or 'feeds' hyper music 'your golden lies feed my role' take a bow 'hex, feed the hex' and maybe more..
  10. Sing For Absolution acoustic... I daresay that is even better than the album version. its amazing... listen to it if you haven't. its far more haunting than the original. talking about this version http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=O9MHNnQ2yi8
  11. Plug In Baby Bliss Hysteria Showbiz Dark Shines
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