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  1. With a whoop and a cry, he dashed out to prance; At the end of TIRO he shuffled ye dance. The outro was goode, pulling faces of sexe, Then he trashed his guitar - whatever nexte? No prizes for guessing the subject, but you get a cookie if you can tell me the meter.
  2. Wednesday. Because that is, of course, when the world is going to end. OHHH YEAHHH
  3. The Construction Worker's Lament Lord, I know I've been a schmuck, I've lied and messed 'round with your head; But if you'd listened when I said duck, Then maybe you would not be dead. R.I.P. Barry
  4. I first heard Muse when the Plug In Baby single was released; surfing the music channels late at night, I got half of it but I wasn't really listening. It did kinda stick in my head, though. I think I also heard Hysteria in music shops quite a lot, but again I didn't know the band name (or the song name). Then about a year ago I heard Map Of The Problematique and SMBH and I just kinda clicked with it. I copied BHAR off my dad's CD and got really into it; then I got Showbiz (which I liked less but gradually came to like) and Absolution. Absolution was absolutely brilliant; it's still my favourite Muse album to date. OoS I DL'd from iTunes and that basically was it. So yeah. I REALLY like Muse. =D
  5. 'Philosophical rock'? Â You might wanna try some proggy stuff, like (as has already been mentioned I'm sure) Dream Theater, Porcupine Tree, Pinky Floyd etc. - also try Transatlantic or Triumvirat if you like stuff with a bit of a retro prog feel. Â (BE CAREFUL WITH PORCUPINE TREE. Their style varies from album to album; Sky Moves Sideways, On The Sunday Of Life and Up The Downstair are all older, weirdy psychedelic albums. Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun are more poppy, whilst Signify is again a weird beasty, with elements of metal in it too. In Absentia I haven't really heard. Fear Of A Blank Planet is less interesting to listen to and I feel it drags too much. Deadwing is in my opinion their best album, combining the best parts of metal, prog and their old psych stuff into an album of pure gold. If you like it, you'll love it.) Â I don't really know many other bands I could lump in with Muse, because they're an amalgam of many different things. It all depends on which part of their music you like best. Â And yeah, Radiohead are usually a good bet. I'd recommend OK Computer and In Rainbows.
  6. I for one would like to hear some Chris on a song. If not an album track, then at very a least B-side to a single. He's got a different voice to Matt's, which would lend a bit of variety to proceedings - not that Bellamy isn't amazing, but he doesn't really vary his vocal tone much. He's either doing the quiet whispery thing or the histrionic wail and I haven't ever heard him do anything different. Also, the fact that Chris' voice sounds weak in the video may be for the fact that his mic volume is quieter than Matt's, for the precise reason that he doesn't want to 'steal the show'. Just a thought.
  7. The VCR broke yesterday But that's okay, that's okay I'll buy something new and better made 'Cause it's okay, it's okay And the light in my room flickers at night Things out of sight, thank god out of sight But I switch it off anyway, so that's alright Things out of sight, thank god out of sight This morning I find messages on the walls And screwed paper balls, screwed paper balls This morning I found I can't speak at all And screwed paper balls, screwed paper balls With the television snowing and the radio dead Messing with my head, messing with my head The newspapers arrived, but they're all blank instead Messing with my head, messing with my head And the music still plays, thundering on And the job still pays, even though it's a con And the wind still blows through the naked trees The only problem here is the voice inside me
  8. I think it's just that it's a really cheesy, slightly poppy even song. A lot of hardcore Musers would state OoS as their favourite album, and a lot of BHAR is done in a much more simplistic style. Unfortunately, you do begin to hear bits and pieces of Muse songs which sound like other bands (Starlight and Invincible), so this is probably why they don't like it. Myself, I don't hate it but I wouldn't listen to the studio recording as it's boring. I'm an OoS/Absolution person myself. That said, I do like MotP a helluva lot. I hope the new album (or whatever it is) is more like that song.
  9. "Too late... Yeah, baby it's too late..." Yeah we really f*cked it up? NER NER. Widdle-widdle-widdle-widdle-widdle-NER NER. (I.E. Sounds Like Crying Shame. For all those who can't decipher my strange rhythmic code...)
  10. Hahahahaha... Okay. Fire in the eyes Unwanted pesticide? Kills all the weeds Choking all your dreams The narrow cut Wound would not shut Bleed in the dirt Lie down, you're hurt Smash off the neck The body's a wreck Whipping steel; Your eyes, I feel Unexplainable dark Don't run too far The darkness hides A darker side And in the gloom, The deathly moon Hangs overhead One quick mistake and then you're- Was listening to Deadwing by Porcupine Tree. It seems that this fits in the breathy, almost rappy bit - most of the time. Aaaanyways.
  11. The VERY FIRST Muse song I heard was Plug In Baby, but it was late at night on a backwater music channel so I didn't do much other than think 'Oh, that's quite nice'. I heard Hysteria playing in shops a few times but didn't know what it was or who the band were. My first song that made me sit up and go, "Hey, who IS this?" was MotP. Still is one of my favourites. All time favourite Muse song has to be Bliss. SO EFFING EPIC. Epic epic epic. Bliss > Everything else in existance. Pwnt.
  12. I personally find the lyrics to 'You F*cking Motherf*cker' extremely moving and poignant, especially the lyrics pertaining to 'eee-deee-deee-diddle-iddle-eee-deee-dee' a perfect example of the intentional cross-examination of the glass-like fragility of the human condition. Those few disjointed fragments convey volumes to me, speaking of a man who has loved, lost and found again in thirty short years. A man who is trapped by the fleshy limitations of his weak, human body and yet revels in it, warning us all of the dangers of naive transhumanism. LOL! Seriously, though, the most 'WTF?' lyrics to me are those of Sober. Not because of their lack of context in the song itself, but simply because... It's a drinking song. From Muse. Errr... Really very strange. Ode to my liquor cabinet?
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