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  1. IMO.. Absolution>=OOS>BHAR>Showbiz=The Resistance But I still love them all dearly so. I can't really place The Resistance exactly, it may move up in my ranks over time.
  2. Which one? You decide. I'm torn on this one.. Falling down isn't a song that is largely talked about but I just love it to bits! So I guess I'll go with that for today!
  3. Ahhhh hard one... hmmm probably MK ULTRA.... but i'll probably change my mind in the morning..
  4. Showbiz: Showbiz OoS : Darkshines Abso: Thoughts of a Dying Atheist BHaR: Assassin Hulla: Yes Please B-Side: Glorious
  5. The first song from muse I listened to was probably uno on showbiz even though at that time absolution had already been released. So you'd kind of think i'd have heard one of those first. My first reaction was that I was interested but I wasn't that amazed at first. It was only until I got a hold of absolution and worked back that I really got addicted to muse. To be honest, they are an addiction, one of the only good ones I can think of!
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