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  1. Unnatural Selection for me as of yet - I still haven't listened to Exogenesis! It needs to go on when the ambience is appropriate.
  2. So it's here at last! Simple question, which track is your favourite?! (upon first or second listen)
  3. I was totally gutted when I saw that bit! One of my songs is based around those 4 chords. looks like it's going to have be scrapped!
  4. Microcuts Bland paint made in your brain Mesamoon meaning my memory Bland paint I licked your boots Moles mowing a moon Love stinks, wild horses shine Love stinks, to ourselves Micro cuts like a blade Scene more or less like Feels like frogs on a plane Black magic david blaine Love stinks, wild horses shine Love stinks, to ourselves In fact I quite like those. I might use them in one of my tracks.
  5. It's actually the Absolution Box I've ordered (I don't know why I wrote Symmetry)! Ebay.com! It's brand new and sealed. $100 / £50.
  6. Does anybody have a *complete-all-on-one-page* list of Muse B-Sides and other non-album tracks? I've searched everywhere (included MuseWiki and been unable to locate one). I'd appreciate it if somebody could post a list on here - it would make my life a whole lot easier! I'm obsessed with archiving stuff and need to know every last detail... I'm sad I know, but who gives a shit? I've just ordered Hullabaloo & the Symmetry Box, but am having a hard time locating copies of singles/older EPs. Cheers! I'll start the list here, please let me know what I've missed so I can amend it! Agitated Ashamed Assassin (Grand Omega Bosses edit) Can’t Take My Eyes Off You Coma Crying Shame Dead Star Do We Need This (live) Easily Escape Escape Your Meaningless Eternally Missed Forced In Forced In (extended) Fury Futurism The Gallery Glorious The Groove Host Hyper Chondriac Music In Your World Instant Messenger Map of Your Head Muscle Museum #2 Nature_1 Pink Ego Box Recess Shine Shine (Acoustic) Shrinking Universe Yes Please
  7. I had a go at singing Microcuts & Showbiz last night and managed it. I can hit a B6 without any warming up and I haven't ever had vocal training. I do however have a bizarre throat condition and a 'thin' esophagus. Maybe this has something to do with it? Naturally I have quite a deep talking voice so god only knows how I manage to hit these high falsetto notes...
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